Top 5 Chicago Suburbs

Most of the people live in the Chicago neighborhoods and most of them are very boring. That begs the question if the Suburbs are boring too. Do we have Suburbs that suck too? If you have been asking yourself this questions, you are not alone. Most people want to know if their suburbs are boring than their friends suburbs.


This suburb is very big and is composed of diverse community that is located to city’s north near Lake Michigan. It has remained a very attractive place for every visitor who visit Chicago. The big Northwestern University is situated here and it also boasts of 61 registered historical places. It has cool and awesome sandy beaches too.
Most people expect more from this suburb as it is home to big companies and one big university. They have craft breweries but most people have never forgiven the Suburb for the allegation their actually lead to the prohibitions.


This is another wonderful lakeside suburb that has a very famous old school cinema. Reviews that has been done, have placed the Wilmette as one of the top ten places you can best raise your family. It has also been registered as a desirable tourist attraction destination. Most visitors come to take long walks or enjoy bike rides with their family. You should also visit the Bahai Temple that is located on Linden Avenue.


This community is very posh. This is evident to people who drive along this community with old cars and their get weird looks by the residents. It also very expensive to purchase land or an apartment in Winnetka.
Beside the pretension, the suburb is worth a visit. The downtown has a lot of independent and interesting shops. It also have 3 very cool beaches and a flagship bookstore. Reviews done places the book store as one of the best in the country.

4. Highland Park

This is another community that is worth a visit due to its unique downtown and magnificent mansions. It is the home of most expensive home that are located along 2700 Point Lane. There is a house that is located here that has 9 bedrooms and other 19 bedrooms. The mansion also have a garage that can accommodate 15 cars.


Oak Park (East of the City of Naperville) is a very unique community that has been dubbed a learning community. This is the place that Wright started his successful career and his studio is open for visitors to see. When you are there you can see a number of houses he built in that place. This place is also known for its large population of FLW homes. Definitely check out Naperville and Orland Park if you’re in the area.

Spending time on most American suburbs can be very exciting especially to the visitors. Chicago is very different. It has a number of bed-roomed community and a number of historical sites that one can see while visiting the city. Statistics show that most visitors that come to the city do not leave the city. This is a shame because they miss out on a lot of beauty and a lot of places to visit. So if you find yourself in Chicago feel free to leave the city.

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