5 Things To Do Or See In Chicago, IL

Many people have heard Chicago, Illinois and you are probably one of them. However, you might have never been to Chicago and want to, but not really sure what you can do and see while there. Read the rest of this article to find out what some of the things you can do and see in Chicago other than indulging in our detailing services.

1. Lincoln Zoo

This zoo is massive, as it is 35-acres, and it is quite old, as it was founded back in 1868. As of now, it is free to enter the zoo, and there is ice skating in the winter. This means you can go and have fun there anytime of the year.

2. Willis Tower

Willis TowerThis tower is very tall, and it was once the tallest building in the world. You will love it here because it offers you amazing views of the city. All you have to do is get to the 103rd, and there you will find a sky-deck, which will leave you breathless due to the gorgeous views you will see of Chicago.

3. Downtown

All you have to do is head to downtown Chicago, and you will find that there are many things for you to do and see there. You can dine at one of the many highly rated restaurants, or check out some of the best retailers in the world or experience the Chicago nightlife. You might want to take in a play, and you can also do that while in Chicago. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, the chances are you will find something you will love to do or see when you are in downtown Chicago.

4. Navy Pier

This is a massive pier that is located right near Lake Michigan, and it is a must-see for families, as well as couples. The pier is 3,000+ feet long, and there is a lot to do there, such as visiting the gardens that can be found there, or you might be more interested in doing a little bit of shopping at some of the great places that are there. Also, make sure to go on the Ferris Wheel and other rides that can be found at Navy Pier, or just go and have a walk around and enjoy the sights that the pier has to offer.

5. Lakefront Trail

The trail runs 20 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan (south of Evanston) and is a must see for those who love walking, jogging or cycling. Grab yourself a bicycle and enjoy the views and surroundings as you cycle along the trail. You might enjoy a walk or jog instead, but regardless of what you choose to do, you will want to visit this trail. We’ve even had clients in Evanston take a wall while we clean their vehicle.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Chicago. There are even more things that you can do and see there. However, make sure you visit and see the above places first, or at some point of your trip to Chicago.

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