Talk Show Host Emphasizes “Take Care Of Your Car”

Talk shows, especially those where listeners can call in, are popular radio fare. Automotive questions enjoy especially high audience ratings. Among nationally syndicated auto show hosts is repair shop owner Roger Kwapich, on the Consumer Auto Repair (C.A.R.) Show. Kwapich’s advice: take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you.

“In our business we see all too many people with trouble that could have been avoided with good car maintenance habits”, he says. “Not only are these motorists inconvenienced, they also may be facing a pretty big … and unexpected .. repair bill.

“This kind of situation easily can be avoided by practicing preventive maintenance and paying attention to danger signals, like changes in the sound and feel of the vehicle. A periodic once-over of your car, as would be included in a professional lube and oil change service, can disclose a failing tire, a broken tail light, a leaking muffler or a long list of other possibilities.

“Ignoring symptoms won’t make them go away. Awareness, combined with good maintenance, not only can save time and money,” he concludes, “it can save lives.”

The C.A.R. Show airs each Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (EST) on stations across the country (That’s 8AM – 10AM here in Naperville). If the C.A.R. Show is not yet available in your listening area you can still call in your questions at 1-88-88-CAR-SHOW or e-mail your questions from their Web site (

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